Waxing is the best, somewhat painless method of removing unwanted hair for up to 4 weeks, whether you're looking to wax your legs, underarms, or Hollywood. The question is whether to wax or not. It is a known fact that with regular waxing, most client's hair growth thins and slows down.

Benefits of Waxing over Shaving

• Waxing lasts longer than shaving because the hair is pulled from the roots.
• No cuts or nicks that can leave you with scars.
• Shaving can cause rashes on sensitive skin.
• For many, waxing makes the hair grow slower and finer.
• Waxing produce smoother results because the hair is pulled out from the root.
• Shaving can result to stubbles.
• You have to shave more often, to prevent your legs from feeling rough and abrasive.
• Slower hair regrowth.
• Contrary to popular belief, waxing is not always painful, especially if it is done right.
• Skin is less susceptible to irritations associated with shaving.
• Minimises' in-growing hairs, irritation, redness, and bumps caused by shaving

Disadvantages of waxing

• Hair needs to be at a certain length to get the best result
• Thin, delicate, or sensitive skin may be contraindicated to having this treatment
• Some medications may prohibit this treatment from being carried out
• Everyone's pain threshold is different, so although somewhat painless for some, not always for everyone.

The Difference Between Strip and Hot Wax

When you mention waxing, most people immediately picture strip wax. It's a runny wax that is applied in a thin layer and taken off with a paper or cloth strip.
Typically, strip wax is used on larger areas, such as legs, arms, back and chest.

Hot wax is applied thicker. It can be layers and will then be patted down before removal. A strip is not used with this technique.
Hot wax is better to use on area that are more sensitive, have coarser hair, or hair growing in different directions, as this wax can be applied in different directions, and while left to set the heat from the wax opens up the pores more, making it easier and less painful to remove, and with a better result.

Possible adverse reactions

• Excessive redness - apply cold compress, if persists seek medical advice.
• Allergic reaction - apply cold compress, if persists seek medical advice.
• In-growing hairs - avoid restrictive clothing, exfoliate & moisturise regularly.
• Burns - apply cold compress, seek medical advice if necessary.
• Skin removal - apply cold compress, seek medical advice if necessary.
• Slight redness, light blood spots, slight raised bumps/rash - this is a normal reaction.

Aftercare advice

Avoidance of activities that will cause an adverse reaction
• Exercise
• Swimming
• Heat treatments / other treatments
• UV rays - for 24 hours
• Perfumed and chemical-based products
• Self-tan
• Restrictive clothing
• Touching area.

Home care advice

• Do not wash the area till at least the next day, to avoid an infection.
• Use a suitable exfoliator after a week, to assist with in-growing hairs.
• Moisturise well to keep the skin supple.
• Use SPF to avoid sun damage.


Ladies Waxing - Hot Wax Treatments

Chin - £6.50
Upper Lip - £7.50
Nostrils - £7.50
Sideburns - £15
Full Face - (ex. eyebrows) - £25
Underarms - £12
Nipples - £6.00
Navel Line - £10
Inner Thigh - £35
Buttocks Cheeks - £25
Bikini - £15.00
Extended Bikini - £20
Brazilian - £35
Hollywood - £35

Ladies Waxing - Strip Wax Treatments

Half Arms - £15
Full Arms - £20
Navel Line - £5
Full Stomach - £24
Lower Legs Incl. Knees - £15
Upper Leg - £19
Full Legs - £22
Inner Thigh - £18
Buttocks Cheeks - £18
Full Back - £30
Lower / Upper Back - £18

Mens - Hot Wax Treatments

Underarms - £20
Shoulders - £30
Neck - £20
Navel - £28
Hands - £20
Feet - £20

Mens - Stripe Wax Treatments

Lower Back - £15
Upper Bak - £25
Full Back - £55
Shoulders - £12
Full Back & Shoulder - £60
Upper Arms - £25
Full Arms Incl. Hands - £30
Chest - £15
Stomach - £15
Chest & Stomach - £25
Lower Legs Incl. Knees - £35
Upper Leg - £40
Three Quarters Legs - £42
Full Legs & Feet - Hot & Strip Wax - £75

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