Skin Blemish Removal

What are skin blemish treatments?

Skin blemish treatments aim to remove completely or significantly reduce the appearance and discomfort of a skin blemish.

Skin Blemishes include:

Blood spots (small and Campbell de Morgan) - small blood spots are benign vascular blemishes that can vary in size and colour. They are not often painful but bleeding is possible when scratched and this can be distressing. Larger blood spots are also harmless and can be found on the body, head and scalp. These can both be removed with diathermy. Large blood spots might been two treatments.

Dermatosis papulose nigra- these are small brown or black raised areas of skin that appears on the face, upper cheeks, eyes, chest and temples. It is genetic and harmless, but can be treated using diathermy.

Moles - moles are common and generally benign. They are found mainly on the face and body, varying in colour and size. It is usually best to avoid treating moles, however diathermy could be used to reduce the appearance of moles. Your GP should always be consulted before mole reduction treatment.

Red veins - these are broken capillaries that are common in exposed areas, such as the nose. They can be caused by trauma to the skin. Diathermy can improve the appearance of these, depending on age health and lifestyle.

Sebaceous cysts - these are caused when small amounts of sebum are retained under the skin, blocked by the growth of surface skin. Relatively uncommon, these can be treated using diathermy.

Seborrheic keratosis - these are caused by ageing and are harmless. We advise seeking a GP's advice as they can be confused with other skin conditions. Diathermy is effective in treating these

Skin tags - skin tags are benign growth varying in size that are often found in areas where there is friction and the skin creases. They can be easily removed with a single treatment of diathermy.

Warts - warts are common and often look like small, rough growths on the skins surface. They can spread through skin to skin contact and should be treated to get remove them quickly. Diathermy is a relatively effective treatment for warts.

Xanthelasma - these are blemishes caused by cholesterol deposits under the skin and range in size, but staying relatively small. They are often found on the eyelids. Diathermy can tackle these in a single treatment.

We use diathermy to treat these skin blemishes, as it proves to be fast and effective.

Benefits Include:

  • Fast and effective
  • Minimal discomfort
  • Very little downtime
  • Generally total removal in one go

Prices From £75

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